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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Prescription Drug plans are known as Medicare Part D and provide stand-alone prescription drug coverage to Medicare enrollees. Part D plans can be added to Medicare medical coverage, including Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement insurance plans. In addition, many Medicare Advantage plans include Part D coverage embedded in the plan and in this case you would not need a separate prescription drug plan. Part D Prescription Drug plans are offered by private health insurance companies, which are approved by the government.
Prescription Drug plans have a monthly premium cost, which is set by the insurance company offering the plan. Monthly premiums can start as low as $0 per month.
Usually, the majority of Medicare Advantage plans include Part D Prescription Drug coverage. You can enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan with certain types of Medicare Advantage plans that do not include Part D coverage (like a Medical Savings Account and some Private Fee-for-Service plans).
Each Prescription Drug Plan covers different prescription drugs. Private insurance companies offering plans define a drug formulary for each plan, which defines which drugs are covered by each plan. Before enrolling in a Part D Prescription Drug plan, we recommend checking the drug formulary online or speaking with a licensed insurance agent to make sure your prescription drug needs are covered.

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